Delta Gamma

Anchor Splash 2021

It’s that time of year again. Gamma Xi is thrilled to present Anchor Splash! We are so excited to invite you to make a team, follow the journey on our social media, and give if you feel inclined to do so. Delta Gamma chapters from all across the country host Anchor Splash each year to engage their communities, educate others on vision loss, and raise money for Delta Gamma’s philanthropy, Service for Sight. Anchor Splash is a team competition that incorporates dance/swim routines, swimming relay races, and external activities to build team points. 

If you would like to make a team, reach out to our favorite Delta Gamma or email:

Follow our social media for updates and to learn how you can give! All money raised through Anchor Splash will be donated to Delta Gamma’s philanthropy, Service for Sight. Service for Sight aims to empower the lives of those who are blind or visually impaired.


☆ Teams = 5 Texas Tech students (guys and/or girls) and 3 DG coaches.

☆ Teams will earn points by:

  • Doing a swim/dance routine. 
  • Doing a baton swim relay.
  • Champion of the Anchor social media contest
  • Penny wars

Team packets due by the end of the day on Sunday, March 28th by 9:00 pm

☆ Team packet:

☆ Medical Release Form:

☆ Each team will turn in: 1 main packet for the TEAM and 1 medical waiver for EACH team member

☆ $100 team entry fee must be paid when the team turns in the packet


Swim/Dance Routine

☆ Each team will have a dance/swim routine.

☆ All team members must participate.

.☆ Routine will not be more than 1 minute 30 seconds long

☆ The dance routine will be done in/out of the water! Be creative, but team members must jump in/be in the water at some part of it

☆ Music may not include explicit language or inappropriate messages

☆ Text music to Lexi to be reviewed by CMT:

  • +1 (214) 949-5170




☆ Teams will practice the out-of-water part of the dance/swim routine.

☆ All practices MUST BE AT THE LODGE.

☆ Teams will have the opportunity to practice at the lodge as many times as they need to by signing up for time slots at the lodge from Monday, March 29th - Sunday, April 25th

☆ All participants will be required to wear masks at all times and maintain 6 feet of social distance.

☆ No two teams will ever be at the same place at the same time.



☆ Filming week Monday, April 26th - Saturday, May 1

☆ Each team will sign up for a time to go to the Wildwood pool to have their dance/swim routine and swim relay filmed.

☆ Teams will never be in the same place at the same time.

☆ This will not take long. It will take about 20-30 minutes tops. All They are doing is filming the 1 minute 30-second routine and timing the swim relay.

☆ Teams must leave immediately after they are finished.


Baton Relay

☆ Each team member will take a baton, swim to the end of the pool, and swim back to hand it off to the next team member. This will continue until everyone on the team has gone.

☆ The relay will be timed!!!


Champion of the Anchor

☆ 1 member from each team will sign up to have their picture taken in front of the lodge. The picture will be posted online for people to like/comment

☆ He/she will want to attend the giveback night we have that week

☆ He/she Will send us a picture of them doing something good to be posted to social media


Penny Wars

☆ Each team will have a jar at the table at the SUB.

☆ People will place change and bills in the jar for the team they support:

  • Penny = 1pt 
  • Nickel = 5pts
  • Dime = 10pts
  • Quarter = 25pts
  • Dollar = 100pts


Points and Winners

☆ Swim/Dance Routine Videos

  • voted on by likes and comments (1 like = 1pt, 1 comment = 2pts)

☆ Champion of the Anchor Pictures

  • voted on by likes and comments (1 like = 1pt, 1 comment = 2pts)

☆ Bonus Points

  • Team members can make supporter page on member planet and raise money ($1 = 1pt)

☆ Team Total Score

  • Determined by the number of pts earned by dance/swim routine, fastest swim relay time, total points for the Champion of the Anchor posts, and bonus points.

☆ Awards for:

  • Team with the highest total score
  • Champion of the Anchor
  • Fastest swim relay

Winners will be announced at Chapter and on social media Monday, May 3rd



☆ Practices: Sunday, March 28th - Sunday, April 25th

☆ Filming: Monday, April 26th - Saturday, May 1st

☆ Giveback Night: Thursday, April 29th


Social Media Schedule

☆ Monday, April 26th: Champion of the Anchor pictures posted

☆ Tuesday, April 27th - Wednesday, April 28th: Penny wars table at sub

☆ Thursday, April 29th: Mr./Ms. Do good picture posted

☆ Sunday, May 2nd: swim/dance videos posted

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