Delta Gamma

Philanthropy Events

Desserts with DG

☆ This is an annual fundraiser in the fall where each member makes desserts and includes a sight fact with each dessert. Then we invite the entire Lubbock community to purchase a ticket to receive a full plate of desserts. All of the money raised through ticket sales goes to benefit Service for Sight.

☆ In fall 2020, we adapted this event due to COVID to be a drive-thru, and it was still our biggest turn out to date!!! We raised $11,442 for Service for Sight, and we hope to raise even more next year!


DG Drivers!

☆ We drive community members with visual impairments around to and from work, doctor's appointments, and other errands they may need! We have been in contact with a few Lubbock residents and even a Texas Tech professor, and we continuously provide them with rides.


Raider Ranch (Senior Living Facility)

☆ Each member volunteers to make an assortment of crafts that we package together and send to Raider Ranch as a care package for the residents.

☆ Fall 2020: We made care packages for residents during Thanksgiving and Christmas. Our Thanksgiving goodies consisted of sock heating pads, coasters, word searches, and candy. For Christmas, we decorated chocolate bars to look like snowmen, we made Christmas trees out of tea bags, and we also gave them festive candles and nail polish.

☆ Spring 2021: So far, we have made Valentine's Day care packages that include cards, lollipops, and Hershey kisses bags with sight facts, word searches, coloring pages, and crayons. As the semester progresses, we hope to make more items for the residents.



☆ Refuge is a Hippotherapy and Equine Assisted Therapy Center that uses horses to provide occupational, physical, and speech therapy. Their therapies also help treat behavioral and mental health diagnoses. 

☆ We typically help out with whatever they need us to do. This can include everything from cleaning therapy equipment to mucking stalls and collecting trash around the property. This center is a non-profit organization, so when we volunteer, we are really just trying to be as useful as we can for anything they need.


Alstrom Angels (a non-profit charity for Alstrom Syndrome)

☆ Alstrom Syndrome is a rare genetic disorder that can result in a variety of different symptoms. A few things people with Alstrom syndrome may battle are nystagmus (wobbly eyes, light sensitivity, progressive vision loss, diabetes, kidney failure, seizures, etc.)

☆ Spring 2019: DG has helped with their beeping Easter egg hunt. The easter eggs make a beeping sound so that children with visual impairments can more easily locate them.

Reading to Children

☆ We volunteer in various schools and educate the students on visual impairments and blindness. Our members read to children, pass out cookies with sight facts, give out braille cards to take home, and talk about our member, Lexi's, service dog Fancy.


VetStar (Joining Forces)

☆ In the past, we have helped build a fence, paint a house, and help with yard work during a workday in partnership with Home Depot.


Dog toys

☆ Delta Gamma member, Viktoria Haynes, brought in some puppies from Canine Companions. We got to play with them and learn more about them and what they do. We also watched the documentary Pick of the Litter and made dog toys from donated old t-shirts. 

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