Letter from Recruitment Chair

Dear Potential New Members,

I first want to welcome you to the Texas Tech community! Since 2016, I have been able to call Texas Tech and Lubbock my home away from home. I am originally from the Dallas area and was nervous about moving 5 hours away until Delta Gamma opened their doors to me. Believe me when I say I can completely understand this exciting and nerve-racking experience you are about to begin. I highly encourage that you participate in Fall Primary Recruitment! Going through recruitment is single-handedly one of the most beneficial ways to be involved, gain unique friendships, and network here on our campus.

Going through recruitment myself, I did not know the impact that week would have on the rest of my life. Delta Gamma has brought about me a stronger sense of leadership, scholarship, sisterhood and service. More importantly, it has given me the capabilities to follow my dreams here at Texas Tech University. I have become a completely better version of myself because of this organization and I owe Delta Gamma the world because of that. I hope that you can look back on your years as a Greek member and say the same.

Here at Delta Gamma, we want you to be yourself, but more importantly, we hope you find something that anchors you.

We cannot wait to set sail with our New Member Class of Fall 2019! Please register for Fall Primary Recruitment at https://www.ttupanhellenic.com/

With Love & ITB,

Vice President of Membership for Delta Gamma


Please send all Sponsorships and Recommendation Letters to the following:

Director of Recruitment Records

#5 Greek Circle

Lubbock, TX 79416


Please send all Sponsorships and Recommendations by August 1, 2019.