Lauren McKenzie


☆ Hometown: Montgomery, TX ☆ Major: Human Sciences ☆ Why I love my position: “In Delta Gamma, I have found a guiding purpose and a support system 200 women strong. As president, I get to serve these incredible women who continue to make me so proud. Love is where leadership begins, and I have loved every moment leading the Gamma Xi chapter. From chapter meetings to conferences, anchorsplash to formal, and every minute in between, I have found joy in calling this chapter my home and these women my sisters."

Hallie Morton

VP Social Standards

☆Hometown: El Paso, TX ☆ Major: Microbiology (Pre-Med) ☆ Why I love the position: “I love being able to help my sisters out not just in their lives, but in their membership as a Delta Gamma. The most rewarding part is being able to solve a problem and find a solution that ensures a member is getting the most out of their four years here.”

Lauren Wilson

VP Member Education

☆ Hometown: Cypress, TX ☆ Major: Human Development and Family Studies ☆ Why I love my position: “I love my position because it is allowing me to learn so much more about Delta Gamma! Not only can I share our history with the new members but our current members as well! I can not wait to be able to build relationships among everyone in the chapter and build a passion for DG!”

Abbey Morgan

VP Communications

☆ Hometown: Belton, Texas ☆ Major: Public Relations ☆ Why I love my position: "I love serving on CMT because it has given me the chance to help better our chapter and I am doing work that directly relates to my future career path!"

Jamie Seawright

VP Membership

☆ Hometown: Mount Vernon, TX ☆ Major: Accounting ☆ Why I love my position: “I have always loved recruitment, and now I have the privilege to lead it! We have such wonderful women in our chapter, and I love that recruitment gives them an opportunity to showcase themselves and meet new people while doing it!

Lexi Higginbotham

VP Finance

☆Hometown: Marble Falls, TX ☆Major: Accounting ☆Why I love my position: “I love my position because it’s money based which relates to my major. I also love that my position has helped me to make friendships that may have not happened otherwise.

Mckenna Thompson

VP Panhellenic

☆ Hometown: Belton,TX ☆ Major: Advertising ☆ Why I love my position: “I love my position because I get to help make stronger connections with other sororities and foster harmony and empowerment in the Panhellenic community!”

Kaitlyn Reid

VP Foundation

☆ Hometown: Katy, TX ☆ Major: Advertising ☆ Why I love my position: “I love my position because I get to raise awareness and money for a special group of people with my favorite people!! I am super thankful for this position because I got to meet so many great people and really learn how impactive Delta Gamma is as a whole!!”